Daycare has become extremely popular recently. Busy lifestyles can make it difficult to fit everything in to your normal working week! We can provide a place for your canine to spend the day with his friends, play, learn new skills, plus relax with us in comfort and know that they are in the care of professional staff. We incorporate many activities to get your dog interacting well with others, whilst staying safe and having fun.

Obviously, calm canines have very different requirements and needs than some of our regular mad mutts!! We assess each dog individually and each dog will have specific and structured attention. We can cater for all types of personalities. If you have a shy dog we will provide the time and attention they need in order to get their confidence. If you have a more boisterous dog we have plenty of room here to be able to run off that much needed exercise.

Why not take the pressure off? We can offer a full Daycare service for less than the cost of your normal dog walker!

A typical day at DogZone NI will consist of:

  • Morning drop off (usually between 7am and 10am)
  • Breakfast (if required)
  • Morning exercises and socialisation activities
  • Morning treats
  • 2-3 hour walk
  • Afternoon training, positive reinforcement and structured playtime
  • Afternoon snacks (lunch also if required)
  • Collection (usually between 4pm and 7pm)

Many of the benefits of daycare include:

  • Relief from boredom and loneliness
  • Exercise, play and socialising with other dogs
  • Prevention of destructive behavior and anxiety
  • Improvement with social skills, obedience and physical condition
  • All-day supervision and training by our DogZone staff
  • Return home tired and relaxed leaving you with a stress free evening!

Whether you want your dog looked after on a regular basis or just occasionally, we can guarantee a great experience for your dog, whatever size or breed.

DAYCARE RATE £19 per dog

Contact Us to check availability and book your assessment day.