Home Boarding

DogZone NI aims to provide a loving, home environment for your dog while you are away on holiday, business, perhaps in hospital or in case of an emergency. We can cater for any length of stay – from Daycare while you’re at work, to overnight stays, short holidays and long term or unexpected trips.

Your pet will stay with us in our home, have plenty of company and many activities to keep them amused whilst you are away. They can choose where they want to sleep and will have their regular walks and cuddles as they would at home! They become firm friends with our dogs and this is evident when they are happy to return time and time again!

We can cater for all types of personalities. If you have a shy dog we will provide the time and attention they need in order to get their confidence. If you have a more boisterous dog we have plenty of room here to be able to run off that much needed exercise.

Your dog will be in an environment where their routine will continue with very little disruption. We ask that you come to visit us prior to placing your pet in our care. This helps you get the peace of mind you need whilst you are away, you have met us and our dogs and will be confident that your little one will be settled whilst on their holiday! The visit also helps your pet, as they will remember the new scents and faces when they return to stay.

Our priority is your dog and we want to ensure that you are happy with their new environment. We are fully licensed, registered and insured, which is something we know many pet sitters cannot offer.

Our rate per day/part day is £25

If you would like to visit us with your dog, please contact us, we would love to meet you!